The Squatt is the larvae of the little house fly. 

Squatts are almost entirely used in groundbait. Used in plain groundbait or continental groundbait they are a great holding bait for Bream and other fish. All fish like Squatts and unlike the Maggot or Pinkie that crawls away and buries itself in the mud or silt the Squatt stays where it's put. As a hookbait the Squatt is not often used but occasionally, on a very hard day in the winter months when the going is tough and bites are hard to come by, some match anglers have saved the day by using a Squatt as hookbait.  These are available in red, white, mixed and fluro.

What to do when unboxing your bait (Squats)

1. Remove your bait from the box and give them a good shake up, allowing air back into the bag.

2. Now simply open the bag using the tear strip, and empty the contents into your preferred container, that ideally has a perforated lid.

3. Leave your bait container on a flat surface and allow up to 30 mins for them to come round

4. Once all the bait is wriggling they are ready to be used.

OR 5. If storing for a later date, simply leave them in your bait container somewhere cool between 5-10 degrees Celsius (do not put them in a fridge or below 5 degrees Celsius as the cold will just kill them due to there size) and they should last up to a week.

*Helpful Hint ;- If keeping for longer periods just try roughly tearing up a slice of bread, add some water to it until it forms a mushy paste and splatter it over the top of the squats with a table spoon, they should feed on this and it will just keep them nourished enough to last that bit longer.

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