About CMCS

CMCS FEEDS are the UK sole distributors for Le Gouessant Aquaculture fish feed products.

We have been working together for a number of years and felt after discussion to move the partnership forward in 2020 we would look to promote this relationship throughout the UK. CMCS Feeds headed by Chris Currie has vast experience in the fish farming industry for multiple species in both intensive table production to restocking farms for nearly 20 years. The Le Gouessant Aquaculture legacy has been in freshwater and saltwater aquaculture for many decades. For over 65 years infact, Le Gouessant has been the essential animal nutrition specialist for cattle, pig, poultry and fish. Le Gouessant is an expert in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of nutritional solutions for animals, and has established itself as a major player in the marketing of animal and plant products, making us one of the worlds most experienced fish feed producers, delivering some of the best products on the market, to our customers.

Le Gouessant Cooperative was founded in 1954 and became in the first 50 years the true Animal Nutrition Specialist in France. With 900000 Tonne of animal feed manufactured annually in 7 factories, it is a major player of agriculture in Brittany. Its subsidiary Le Gouessant Aquaculture has been a leading aquaculture company in France, manufacturing 30 000 Tonne every year. Our broad knowledge covers feed for broodstock, hatchery, starter and grower stages for salmonids, marine fish, freshwater fish and shrimps.

Research and Development projects are carried through external cooperation or in partnership with renowned institutes. They are bound to find rapidly direct application for the benefit of our customers worldwide who are interested by efficient, healthy, functional and sustainable feeds. Le Gouessant Aquaculture is currently leading NINAQUA, a major national four-year program targeting 100% substitution of fish meal and fish oil in trout and bass diets with innovative raw materials.

We strongly believe that aquaculture is sustainable only if it can combine performance, quality and preservation of marine resources. All our feed are GMO free and more than half are manufactured under sustainable standards (EU Organic, Naturland, Bio Suisse). We are also Friends of the Sea and Global Gap certified.

Experienced nutritionists, skilled veterinarians, passionate engineers and talented technicians are available to elaborate tailor made solutions to answer specific demands.

We are now extending this spirit of cooperation to independent feed companies who would like to share our experience and passion in the formulation, the manufacturing and the marketing of top quality aquafeed, either using our brand or developing theirs for their national or regional markets. CMCS have worked closely to develop and formulate a specific diet to push further boundaries on our farming sites with experience of both companies working together we have surpassed expectation and seen proven results in both health and growth over a long term period.

Le Gouessant is one of the biggest french animal feed company, with a branch for aquaculture feed. Le Gouessant is well known for its dedication to quality, recognized by Label Rouge, Organic and food stores. It was among the first producers in Europe to develop an organic feed range. Le Gouessant is already involved into various sustainable aquaculture programs and partnerships to improve feed sustainability.

“We believe aquaculture producers should be informed about lower impact fish feed, in order to make a better choice” comments Mr Dominique Corlay – Le Gouessant Aquaculture Manager “Friend of the Sea certification and seal of approval will allow Le Gouessant and other likeminded producers to make this distinction. We have first certified FOS feed ranges for many species available.

There are fewer and fewer marine resources in the sea and to reduce the impact of aquaculture on the environment, it is necessary to obtain new raw materials to limit the use of fishmeal and fish oil in fish feed. Le Gouessant is a member of research programs that study some new raw materials as substitutes such as algae, insects, crops, yeast. Some specific parameters are studied for those challenges: physiological feed efficiency of the fish, taste effects of fish flesh, effects on fish health, technological feasibility of extrusion of these ingredients and impacts on the environment - life cycle analysis.