Krill really is a super food having accounted for endless big carp over decades! Krill is an incredibly rich food source 

Krill is attractive to carp for many reasons relating to a variety of substances it is composed of, very many act as appetite stimulants and attractants! These act upon carp via processes which are in at least some ways akin to our taste and smell functions, though carp differ in many structural, biochemical, nervous pathway and brain connectivity aspects etc 

Palatability of krill is in part due to various amino acids, including glycogenic amino acids. Probably the most powerful aspect of krill is a certain quaternary ammonium compound that hugely increases the stimulation of krill to carp. 

So when you are looking for new and more alternative and more unusual substances to exploit which are genuine true feeding trigger rich substances to bypass carp or catfish wariness due to their exceptional feeding trigger potency for instance, this is part of what I look for!

these come 500g frozen bags and will need to be stored in freezer after arrival