Sardine & Herring Oil - Crude is omega-3 fish oil that carries a pungent, characteristic aroma. This oil is often used in the bait and scent industry as well as in pet and agricultural applications. Sardine & Herring oil is a common raw material found in various animal feed and supplements and is an important part of the diet fed to farm-raised salmon.

The unique flavour, fatty acids, palatable taste and its concentrated source of energy overcome other oils like tuna, salmon etc. Also offer health benefits to fish like healthy bones, iron and vitamin b-12, haemoglobin protein and omega-3 fatty acids not only for fish but for human use. Several tests taken place in fish farms and in laboratory they saw that sardine & herring oil had a speedier and wider disperse of food particles carried than any other oil improving also the palatability and attraction of the dispersed particles of the bait/pellet at higher levels than salmon oil for example, giving a stronger and thicker food signal. Make no mistake this is premium oil that is a really massive improvement on many fish oils available on the market.


Ethoxyquin free.

Sourced from wild Atlantic herring (not farmed).

Terrific source of Omega 3 fatty acids especially DHA (13%) / EPA (10%).

Great for skin & digestion.


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