Looking for something to pep up those mixers to make them stand out from the crowd.  This kit will help you customise and make unique combinations only hindered by your imagination. The Oil will help the flavour disperse into the water column sending a trail across the surface for fish to home in on. Use the booster spray to add flavour back to your hookbait before re-casting.

Mixer 500g

Oil of choice 25ml (salmon, sardine and herring, corn and hemp oil)

Powder of choice 25g (shrimp, krill, garlic, tuna meal)

Liquid choice 25ml (Amino fish, Garlic tuna, Spicy fish and Strawberry nut)

Booster spray liquid 10ml Garlic tuna, strawberry nut, spicy fish and amino fish


Plus Pot of 12mm brown Garlic Tuna, 12mm Red Spicy Fish and 12mm Cream strawberry nut pop ups


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