CMCS Jack pellet is designed to stimulate the carp's appetite. A cost effective cereal protein source to supplement your fishery on a budget, without the fishmeal, meat and marine proteins/oils, a digestible and environmentally responsible solution to feeding the fish on your fishery. A great visual pellet with its distinctive yellow hue colouration when breaking down, fish really love this creamy pellet with added crunch. Its porous nature means you flood the water column with the creamy sugary starch of the corn drawing in any passing fish. CMCS Jack pellet has a high starch composition. The breakdown of the pellet is slower than expected so will stay in pellet form longer in the water avoiding the attentions of smaller nuisance fish longer. The size is 10-12mm to cater for all species. Bagged in 25kg bags.

Typical analysis

Crude Protein (%) [i]


Energy (MJ ME/kg DM) [i]


Oil (%)


NDF (%) [i]


Starch (%)


Sugar (%)


DUP (%) [i]


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