Multi vitamin concentrated liquid for all coarse fish species, just add to the feed.

Reduces the effects of stress when normal nutrient absorption can be disrupted I.e spawning times, moving during harvest and water quality issues. Very powerful vitamin mineral supplement. Boosts vitamin levels during periods of environmental stress. Aids in the preparation for the onset of winter, when fish are undergoing massive physiological changes. Ensures the maintenance of peak growth and production during times of maximum nutrient demand. This has been developed to further strengthen the fishes immune system. Add at a rate of 2.5ml per kg food.

Top tip: Maybe try adding this to your single attractor pop up mix in the spring to give you an edge.

Composition (per litre)

Vitamin A (as retinyl propionate) 10.0 miu

Vitamin D3 1.25 miu

Vitamin E * 42,000 iu

Vitamin K 3,300 mg

Nicotinamide 60,000 mg

D-Panthenol 10,000 mg

Precursor of Folic Acid 1,000 mg

Biotin 175,000 mcg

Thiamine HCl 2,000 mg

Riboflavin 5-phosphate sodium 5,350 mg

Vitamin B6 4,000 mg

Vitamin B12 20,000 mcg

(*as alpha-tocopherol acetate)

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