An extremely high energy mid protein feed, rich in digestible fibre plus oil and providing a good source of protein.

CMCS King Protein pellets are produced using the finest locally sourced non GM British ingredients. Manufactured from a blend of maize, soya products. Available in 6mm pellets to cater for many species, they provide a source of balanced energy from digestible fibre, yeasts, oil and starch and are a source of high quality vegetable proteins from a number of protein groups and highest oil content of our CMCS card range to help towards growing fish to good weights through the prime temperature growing season. This is a cost effective cereal supplement without the fishmeal, meat and marine proteins/oils, a digestible and environmentally responsible solution to feeding the fish on your fishery. The highest oil content means during the warmer months it’s a vital source of energy which can be utilised by the fish’s digestive system helping them to grow. The feed without fishmeal content helps to combat the water quality issue which often is the problem of overfeeding high fishmeal content diets. Contains high quality protein from soya and maize, which has a higher energy and amino acid digestibility suiting the dietary requirements of many fish. 3-4 hour breakdown time depending on water temperature. Bagged in 25kg bags.

The feed is formulated from ingredients without any mould inhibiting chemicals or preservatives added, so correct storage of the feed is a must. Feed should be stored indoors away from moisture and humidity.

The feed will keep for well in excess of 6 months in a dry, well ventilated environment and away from direct sunlight and damp air, but if you have any storage concerns then contact us

Typical analysis

Crude Protein (%) [i]


Energy (MJ ME/kg DM) [i]


Oil (%)


NDF (%) [i]


Starch (%)


Sugar (%)


DUP (%) [i]



Bulk tonne bag prices reductions available 500kg/1000kg amounts

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