This blend has been used for decades in various guises, the combination of powdered and liquid attractors means the pellets are always leaking food signals in your swim as they breakdown. The fish and crustacean mix is a strong olfactory stimulant that fish find it hard to resist. The SOS is a combination of soluble attractors that can be used year round, rich in amino acids derived from the 3 protein sources this pellet contains. The dark colouration helps to combat the attentions of birds in clear water during the winter months blending nicely with bottom substrate, also its subtle colouration helps with priming margin spots without detection and has tricked some of the wariest pressured fish on tough venues that see lots of bait. This really is a big fish pellet that packs a whole host of attractive properties. The most requested sizes 3mm and 7.5mm


26kg+ POA

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