Flavoured pellet - Either sinking or floating pellet these have been produced with one of our best pellet diets in our range, so that attraction is both instant with the flavour and but offers the fish long term benefits with the pellet composition once eaten. These have been a great hit used in pva bags or spod mixes or floater fishing on busy day ticket lakes. A much cheaper alternative to boilies when needing to prebait your venue with a matching flavour.. Just ask if there isn’t the flavour or size you are looking for in our range.

Custom order possible on larger amounts 25kg+.

Can be bagged in 1kg bags or 5kg bag for 5kg amounts. Add in notes at checkout

Flavours available :
(CO) Chocolate Orange: a blend synonymous with Christmas, very pleasing to the nose and carp.
(TC) Tutti Crab: an old school winter great combined with a strong crustacean flavour.
(CNC) Cranberry Caviar: a fruity/fishy combo that was a great late 90s early 2000s, big fish attractor.
(MT) Milky Toffee: A great 2000’S flavour combo that is very creamy and sweet to the nose.
(PNP) Peach N Pepper: A fruit and spice mix that really packs a punch, another 90s Great reborn.
(SS) Scopex Squid: a creamy fishy combo which has been trawling fish around the globe for decades.
(CP) Cinnamon Black pepper: a spice mix blend that is proven to pull the bigger fish especially


Want to custom your flavoured pellets and coat them further.. why not add one of our powdered range: contact for details of coating before dispatch. Insect protein powder, krill, shrimp, mussel, squid, cod powder, spirulina or fenugreek
(SP) Shellfish Plum: a proven combo that has big fish credentials, crustacean blend with subtle fruit.
(CF) Curried Frankfurter: Spicy meat blend used by secret squirrels to single out big fish under the
(PN) Pineapple N Butyric Acid: A winter staple for many of the old school. Fruity & buttery scent.
(SNS) Shrimp N salmon: Total fish mix, smoked oily fish with a salty undertone that’s super
(TG) Tuna Garlic: A strong olfactory spice with fishy back note devastating for barbel and chub.
(SF) Chilli fish: A strong flavour that has been catching fish since the 80s
(SC) Strawberry Crustacean: a fruit/fish mix which was stumbled upon by accident but proved
(NM) Nut N Maple: a great combo of fruit and nut that proved to be devastating on the Kent scene.
(CC) Coconut Cream: creamy nut blend that will remind you of a bait that ripped waters apart.

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