High Protein 21% oil 4.25% Fibre 3% Ash 5.75%

Ingredients: Wheat, Low temp Fish meal, Prawn Meal, Maize meal, Hiprosoya, Dicalcium phosphate. Soya oil. Minerals and Vitamins

This balanced mixer continues to use high levels of fish meal and shrimp to offer the fish a high quality addition to their natural diet within the lake. Feeding this as a maintenance and feed before spawning offers the fish a nutritional benefit. Something different from the norm, but offering the angler something different from the conventional mixer shape. Great for stalking fish in close under your feet or in a mixture with other floating mixers spombed out in the middle. Great product to be used on garden ponds for carp also as the shape means it stays on the surface longer meaning less waste and water quality issues in the pond. The shape also lends itself well to sight feeding whilst either fishing or feeding the pond meaning you know exactly what’s left in the swim or pond before introducing more. We can fully customise these by adding any flavouring/liquid/powdered additive of your choice before dispatch should you require.. please phone or email for further details on pricing. Can be bagged in 1kg bags or 5kg bag for 5kg amounts.

26kg+ POA

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