CMCS Particle Mega mix

After some response from loyal customers and research and development we have produced this highly palatable lightly molassed coarse mix, specially formulated for high protein cereal feeding of mixed species/ Carp lakes.

Its specially designed blend of our very best rolled oats and high protein micronised cereals, maize, beans, barley and peas which provide readily digestible protein sources to offer a balanced supplementary diet and promote condition and performance.

The oils used within the mix are very low and are winterised to help promote year round feeding and help with conditioning.

The light molasses coating and sweetness of some of the ingredients within the mix encourages intake, whilst micronised content provides quality protein to support development of healthy weight gain. Meeting a fish’s minimum dietary requirement for protein, or a balanced mixture of amino acids, is critical for adequate growth and health. This mix is easy preparation with just some lake water or warm water added to dampen and to give it weight to feed to the lake

Protein 18%

Oil 3.2%

Fibre 9%

Ash 6.5%

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