CSL Liquid was synonymous with the 90's when this thick liquid full of sugars burst into the bait market.. The quality over the proceeding years died down with no 2 part active ingredient and the consistency became more watery and less effective.. This is as close to the original 90s formulation as we could find and it really is super attractive to fish. Active CSL 2 part liquids. Mixing just 5ml pt2 per 200ml of CSL creates a nice gentle instant activation. The main liquid is still ‘live’ and will slowly ferment when warm enough but with part 2 you can speed up the process. It’s recommended to half fill an empty pot or container before playing about as it will froth up & increase in volume quite quickly before slowly settling down again. All you old school carpers will remember the original mainline grange in the 90s and how devastating it was with the two part csl..

also a great additive to add to flaked particle or whole particle to give it that instant attractive stimulation..


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