A concentrated formula of garlic oil and fenugreek seeds. Garlic helps to maintain a good digestive function especially during the spring when there immune system is low. Garlic is also a great olfactory stimulant drawing fish to feed especially good when added to your mixers to flatten the surface in the spring. Fenugreek seeds aid normal muscle function, can be used to help draw those fish that don’t feed or go uncaught to gain better appetite and also helps fish to gain condition, weight, and soothes the stomach. There’s no limit to the inclusion as it’s a natural product.  This is a fantastic product to use for the pre spawning attraction with both the benefit of being a strong stimulant to carp why not add to your boilies and pellets for attraction. Top tip adding this to your freshly prepared particles such as maize helps it draw into the core giving you increased attraction. No limit to inclusion.

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