Hemp pellet is designed for fast breakdown similar to CSL, perfect for the match angler wanting attraction quickly. They are highly attractive with a porous texture, leaking a hemp attractive cloud into your swim that fish can’t resist. Create a cloud of hemp particles in your swim as fish search the bottom for the enticing food signals, triggering and stimulating feeding situations for all passing fish. Fed 'little and often' match style these pellets stimulate fish to feed and are excellent for mass baiting and building confidence in feeding fish throughout the seasons

Our Hemp Flavoured pellets are suitable for all species of fish, including carp, tench, chub, bream and barbel. Hemp pellets are ideal feeder pellets, as well as for spod mixes and PVA bags. We can add flavours like scopex, or powders like green lipped mussel to these if you required.,

The sizes are a mixture of 4mm to 5mm. Can be bagged in 1kg bags or 5kg bag for 5kg amounts.


26kg+ POA

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