High quality Micronized Mixed Flakes of Maize, Peas & Barley. A complementary feeding stuff. Micronized products have special implications where small intestine amylase production is low (young fish) and where hind gut production of short chain fatty acids are undesirable.

Contains approximately 25% Micronized Flaked Peas, 25% Micronized Flaked Maize and 50% Micronized Flaked Barley.

Suitable for all diets. Recommended for high performance diets and young fish diets. Suitable for lake feed programmes. Suitable for carrying vitamins and minerals. Particularly useful in young fish diets, but ideal for any age. Bagged in 25kg bags

Preparation Guide:

Pour boiling water over the flakes in bucket and leave for couple of minutes then ready to use.


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