Pro-biotic Black Fly & Blood pellet is something very different from conventional pellet mixes. It contains a natural attractor mix of blood powders and black soldier fly protein meal make up these very different pellets. The pro-biotic pellets help improve digestion, enhance appetite stimulation and general wellbeing of the fish. It is also high in natural proteins & oils. The blood powder is highly stimulatory to carp, chub and catfish with the black fly natural protein source packed full of attractors.

This will offer you a real edge with real natural attraction pulling power, high nutritional qualities and an excellent crude protein value it makes a very different alternative.. 3-5mm in size great for adding to spod and stick mixes


Poultry Meal, Wheat, Maize, flax seed meal, Black solider fly meal, blood powder, salt, pro-biotic,


Protein 39%, fats and oils 10%, Fibre 3%, Ash 9

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