These mixes were devised to cloud the water with both small and larger items cascading down through the water column. Perfect for creating a zig cloud column of attraction for the fish to home in on. The larger items gradually make their way (unless eaten of course!) to the bottom and leave a carpet of attraction in the area for later, should you change to bottom fishing overnight, meaning constant attraction is leaking out in the water column. The mix contains crushed hemp, nut, flaked maize and seeds amongst other ingredients. These packs were designed to be able to pick up and go without the worry of mixing before you go fishing saving you time. Just add some water to it before use to get your required consistency and spod this out to your area.. 5kg Bagged in 1kg bags or in one 5kg bag.

Simple to make - add some water, stir well then top up with warm water. (top tip here: add some coconut milk or carnation/condensed milk at this stage for a creamy cloud) Leave for 15 mins to cool and’s ready!!

Spod mix session pack

5kg (2.5kg) Spod cloud powder (Nutty/Garlic) 1kg pellet, garlic nut/1.5kg particle mix

500ml liquid nut garlic

10kg (5kg) Spod cloud powder (Nutty/Garlic) 2kg pellet fish, garlic or nut/3kg particle mix

1litre liquid nut garlic

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