Using our Neo Supra Start 1 (1.7mm) Neo Start 2 (2.5mm) Neo Start 3 (3.2mm)

These little gems have been designed perfectly for the job, these are perfect for match style method feeders or for balling up down the river. These 1kg bags of pellets come with the correct amount of sticky pellet powder designed to make pellets stick better to the method feeder and withstand the impact of a cast and be able to travel through deeper water without the pellets coming off till the feeder hits the bottom, concentrating the feeding area.

Directions: Simply tip the contents into a bowl, add 225ml of water, then table spoon of liquid and powder included slowly until the right consistency and mix vigorously.

Leave to stand for 15 minutes and the result is pellets, perfect for sticking around the method feeder, or cupping in on the pole, these pellets have taken away all those previous soak or not to soak issues! If the pellets dry out simply add another spoonful of water, the more sticky pellet powder you add the stickier it becomes. It can also be used to make groundbaits stickier and stay on the Method feeder for longer. Premium quality micro method pellets uniquely coated in a sweet binding liquid food. They need minimal water when prepared and produce perfect finished pellets in minutes. These pellets make bait preparation easier than ever!

Available in both 1.7mm 2.5mm and 3.2mm, getting the perfect pellets will never be a problem again. 5kg Bagged in 1kg bags or in one 5kg bag.

10kg+ POA

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