A great worm to use for roach, bream and in bunches for or cocktails for tench and carp. has a lovely red colouration that really stands out on dark bottoms of lakes. A worm that catches multiple species and really draws fish into your hookbait,

we keep them in wet bedding in our wormeries till dispatch and keep them fed before dispatch so they are the freshest and in the best condition when they arrive.. 

 What to do when unboxing your Worms

1. Remove your worms from the box. They will be in either a plastic container or hessian sack

2. Check there condition, and if there is a dead worm remove it as it can cause the rest of the worms to die.

3. Empty the worms into a container, ideally removing the soil using a bait riddle and they are ready to be used.

OR 4. If saving for later - Simply place the worms in a cold well lit place (to avoid escapees), like a garage floor, for when you need them. Avoid storing in places with extreme changes of temperature or that a very dry. A consistent temperature of 5 degrees Celsius is perfect for lobs.

*Helpful Hints ;- If keeping your worms for over a week, to keep them in peak condition you will need to check them and make sure they haven’t dried out, and ideally change there soil or add some cabbage leaves or apple peel and a few tables spoons of water. They like it moist! 

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