Premium quality maggots

All the popular Colours of maggot available

Just stipulate in the comments box on your order if your require Red, White, Yellow, Fluro, Bronze and Mixed Colour available from only the best supplier. if more than 1 gallon required please contact for prices.

1/2 Pints & 1 Pints

Maggots should be placed in the fridge or cold environment out of direct sunlight on arrival in the pouch they are supplied. Please squeeze the air out of the pouch and give the maggots a good shake before placing in the cold. Repeat this every 2-3 days to stop the maggots from sweating. Alternatively transfer straight into a maggot bait tub and store in cool dark area.

 1/2 Gallons/1 Gallons
The maggots should start wiggling straight away as they will be chilled on dispatch, place in a fridge or cold environment with a desirable temperature at 1-2 degrees centigrade. Please open bag upon arrival and pour into a large bait container or tray to stop the maggots from sweating. 

 Your maggots will arrive fresh in good condition well fed and will keep for at least 2 weeks providing they are kept chilled and regularly attended to riddling and maize meal is great for this. Ideal chilling temperatures are 1-2 degrees centigrade.

What to do when unboxing your bait (Maggots & Pinkies)

1. Remove your bait from the box and give them a good shake up (allowing air back into the bag).

2. Place the bait (still in its bag) perforated side up on a flat surface and leave to come round for up to 20 mins.

3. Once all the bait is wriggling, they are ready to be used, simply open the bag using the tear strip and place them into your bait tub or container.

OR 4. If storing for a later date, simply gently squeeze all the air back out of the bag until they stop moving and place the perforated side down, ideally in a fridge or cool box between 1-2 degrees Celsius to get the best longevity of up to 2 weeks.

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