We at CMCS deal with the very best manufacturers of boilies across the country, during our business activities with feed. We also produce our own boilie for fisheries across UK & Europe. The companies who produce tonnes of bait daily always have a few boilies left over hence the term overrun and we have secured them to give you the angler the best boilies at the best rates. Overruns are a surplus amount of boilies in different sizes but all the same mix, they come all sizes mixed together and will come in bags of 5kg amounts. They are great for baiting up with to create feeding areas or if your the type of angler that likes to fish with mixed sized baits, this is very good value for money. Please note we will send whatever overruns we have at the time in the mixes you cannot choose what we send flavour wise. These are either all shelf or freezer baits mixtures so will need to be stored in freezer, air dried on arrival or kept in dark, dry cool place.

These will be a mixed size round from 10mm to 18mm but the same mix and makeup from fishmeal's like the formidable krill, birdfoods like Manilla, milk proteins like switch, hybrid proteins like the cell and Nut baits like the monster tiger nut.. be under no illusion these baits will be from some of the biggest long standing companies in the bait world and will be fresh off the production line very rarely more than 1 month old so super fresh

top tip: mixing a couple of different flavours together can give devastating results..

Fishmeal: The base is releasing a high leakage of amino acids into the water column triggering a feeding response from the carp. We know fishmeals are an incredible bait and will produce all year round. The fishmeal utilizes the very best ingredients available These include pre digested fish meals and a blend of hydrolysed fish protein liquids, amino stimulants from krill and a high level of betaine. The base mix uses the best krill meal, fish meals, birdfoods, milk proteins and vitamin supplements.

Milk Protein: formulated to catch carp, even in the coldest conditions. Containing the finest quality, ultra soluble attractor package to ensure they continue to leak attraction when the water reaches its lowest temperatures, Containing high levels of milk proteins and textured ingredients to promote faster digestion, making this type of bait an ideal choice for when the carp are at their least active and by aiding digestion, actively promote feeding spells of a longer duration with its round and creamy profile.

Birdfood: High inclusions of bird food in bait have proved very successful. It has a very course texture and creamy taste that’s very palatable. It’s full of seeds and passes through the carp very quickly indeed. Coupled with a good attractor package the bait is “instant” but is also a quality “food bait”, it’s particularly effective in the cooler water temperatures.

Nut Mix: Using top quality tiger, peanut, brazils, cashew nut products, which are blended with milk proteins, a mix of bird foods and whey concentrate, all of which are very soluble ingredients to ensure a controlled release and breakdown once immersed in the water. To this we add an attractor package with a blend of superb nut oils. Truly an all year round winner that you can fish with absolute confidence.

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