Custom Made Corkers Airball Pop Ups (CMCs)

The CMCs were rolled for our own angling and then word got out!! then we rolled a few extra hookbaits for angling friends for a number of years from standard airball to corkball pop ups. We have become a company that people trust to roll those special hook baits and keep those little edges secret that have been catching you that bonus fish or two.. The time has come where we are happy to offer our services to people outside that inner circle at CMCS. Initially we believed with our background in feed we could introduce something different to what was available with nothing on the market that we could buy that satisfied our needs for our own angling. Through our feed business relationships over the many years dealing with a huge cross-section of the industry, we came across a number of ingredients that offered stimulants and attractors that fish were drawn to without the need for harsh chemicals, bright colours or glass spheres. We produce our own in house specials with blends that induce the many senses of fish with taste and smell being just two!

More recently we have be asked to roll custom hookbaits for customers wanting to use there own or a bait companies base mix with tweaked attractors or colours. We deal with many of the industry companies through our pellet sales and ingredients and can secure fresh produce from many of the top companies in the UK. So if your looking for a edge with your bait over the next man on Cell, Scopex Squid, Krill or The Bug amongst many other named brand mixes, on busy lakes give us a email or message and we can chat through the options of what we offer. We can talk through various attractors, colours that could offer you that crucial edge to draw that target fish to the net..

Every hookbait is rolled by hand and the attention to detail is paramount to the quality finish of the bait, we supply the baits in multiples of 30 in round from sizes 12mm to 18mm with sizes, colours and shapes outside this range considered on request..

Many of the anglers on todays big carp circuit use our hook baits over there sponsor's because they offer something that many carp cannot ignore that personal touch to all your hookbaits.

Custom Brand Mix : Many different mixes available from Mainline, Sticky, DNA amongst others with any attractors, colours or flavours you may want adding

CMCAP1: The Cons as many know it as this mix rose to fame on the secret colne valley pit.. black pepper in two different guises with a spice and milk flavour with a subtle crustacean extract, a proven winner on the scene having caught plenty of big carp 

CMCAP2: The Indian Spice with a blend of 7 in oils and liquid form, it offers a real strong pungent aroma with some of the attractors being curry, black pepper and cinnamon. A classic that has stood the test of time.

CMCAP3: The ASAP has a real sting in its tail, with an additive that is shown to help boost digestive enzymes by increasing the activity, with a mirage of carp catching ingredients including a winter winner in N butyric Acid not to be missed if your looking to snare that special one.

** The lead time can be upto 3 weeks depending on the volume of orders so don't hesitate to get into contact**

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