This feed bait has 35 years of extensive research and trials on fish feed appetite stimulant responses and offers the fish a complete nutrition formulation developed by CMCS with a feed manufacturer’s extensive nutritional knowledge in feed science. The bait has been tested on fish in many different situations from low stock big pits, stock ponds on lakes to small intensive match fisheries, the benefits of the bait have been clear to see in the condition and overall health of the fish over a prolonged period. The bait is a mid-protein bait which has exacting percentages for carp protein utilisation, these include low temperature fishmeal, cereals, milk protein as well as a complete blend of vitamins and minerals. The bait also has a digestive aid which helps the bait to be broken down and utilised quicker by the fish’s immune system offering them more absorption time for key nutrients. This bait is produced to exacting standards with nothing left to chance from start to finish, packed with amino acids addressing the limiting amino acid in the diet. That amino acid is called the "first-limiting" amino acid, The “first-limiting” amino acid of any diet will depend upon the amino acid profile of the ingredients in the formulation. Rich in soluble fish proteins and nutrients derived from the high quality ingredients. This naturally attractive boilie that combines soluble fish, milk and vegetable proteins with powerful natural appetite stimulants to create superb year round baits that fish simply can’t resist. In this long testing period we have seen great stock growth rates of 7-12lb per year achieved on fish with dedicated feed programmes. We produce many tonnes a year especially for the French commercial lake market who feed this year round and supply customers of the lake to promote good health and growth rate for their business. The incredible results achieved by UK and European fishery managers and anglers using this superb bait during the testing period demonstrate just how consistent and universally effective in many situations our bait is. Regardless of whether you are looking to grow your fish as a fishery manager/fish farmer, fishing a venue for the first time, a long campaign, competing against other baits or targeting pressured fish on low stocked venues, Our bait will give you total confidence and more importantly will offer the fish a nutritious feed that is naturally attractive providing a complete source of nutrition. Bagged in 5kg bags or 10kg bags other sizes available on request. Feed bait 18mm and 22mm sizes.

This doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels as more diverse protein and ingredient sources come available every year we strive to improve any products to make these nutritional better for fish. We are currently working on a new version which is looking a little bit special for fish growth with only 3 years testing currently taken place it will be a lot more testing before release.. watch this space. Available in both frozen and shelf life. please contact before ordering for shelf life baits

Medicated Feed is available on request, this is added to the bait in the dry stage and is to combat Argulus outbreaks on the fish through the year especially during the winter when the fish are at there most dormant.. please get in contact to discuss


1000kg+ £POA

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