Carp Company Day Session Bundle 16mm

Icelandic Shrimp, Icelandic Red Caviar & Cranberry, Icelandic Natural Impact Squid & Lobster

Nut Mix with Chocolate Nut & Condensed Milk, 

Black Squid,



1KG 16mm Boilies 

1KG Matching Pellets 4 or 6mm

1 x 125ml Advanced bait soak

1 x Matching Pop-ups 12mm, or 16mm

Icelandic Shrimp/Red - We use products that are highly nutritional, easily digested and which are able to impart palatability to the finished base. We then add Crab, Krill, Lobster and Shrimp extracts along with top quality milk protein to produce a bait in which each individual ingredient has superb attraction properties, this is one of the best fish based mixes on the market today.

Icelandic Natural Impact - is a high quality bait from Carp Company it is a classic in the making. We have used over 20 years of bait making experience to produce a high attract quality food source bait. Blending quality fish meal's, hydrolyzed fish proteins and milk proteins in conjunction with products like blood plasma. We have also added natural food items including fresh water shrimps & freshwater snails as well as water flies and daphnia to give this bait that crunch factor. The Lobster EPA is the flavour for this one!

X-TC - is a blend of high quality ingredients and additives including fishmeals, fish proteins, desiccated coconut and oyster grit to name just a few. Has a great look to the finished bait with the coconut and oyster grit adding a white fleck throughout. The Coconut EPA is the flavour with this one.

Black Squid - there is no Black Squid in this bait it refers simply to the colour of the finished bait when rolled. Because of the colour this one helps to outwit the tufties. Jammed packed with quality fishmeals, fish proteins and extracts. With the Squid EPA on this one.

Nut Mix - One third of the base is pure nut, this is one of those baits that the carp just can’t seem to get enough of. Highly advantageous on waters where nuts have been banned. Again top quality milk proteins are used along with some excellent cream products. The 1st and still the best!

O-PM - This is a full-on balanced food bait, it contains a small amount of fishmeals along with pre-digested soluble fish proteins. Quality milk proteins are used along with some excellent cream products, to help balance the bait. It also contains ingredients such as Krill and Poppy Seeds. This is an all seasons mix, with a combination of Golden Corn Oil and Condensed Milk EPA.

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