DT BAITS Pukka Fish Peach & Sour Cream Bundle

Made with the original Haith's Robin Red, plus high inclusion of fishmeal's and GLM - a highly textured bait to encourage speed of digestive transit and voracious feeding. 

Good in silty waters where the peach overpowers the smell of degrading silt . The sour cream is made up of three components one of which includes N-Butyric acid, renowned to attract at levels of a few parts per billion.

Bundle Includes

  • 4kg Shelf life 15mm/18mm Boilies
  • 1kg Stick mix
  • 1kg pellet
  • 1 x pop up 15mm/18mm pot
  • 1 x Wafters pot
  • 1 DNA matching liquid 250ml
  • 1 x 17l bucket

Feed Hygiene Reg No: GB/108R/1763 Animal By Product Reg No: 13/377/8001/ABP/OTHER
Analytical Analysis Moisture 23.4% Protein 29.8% Fat 9.1%  Ash 6.6% Crude Fibre 1.7% Composition Fishmeal, CLO, soya flour, calf milk, robin red, egg products,   preservatives and carp attractants
NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION Do not feed to ruminants

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