We at CMCS deal with the very best manufacturers of boilies across the country, during our business activities with feed. We also produce our own boilie for fisheries across UK & Europe. The companies who produce tonnes of bait daily always have a few boilies left over hence the term overrun and we have secured them to give you the angler the best boilies at the best rates. Overruns are a mixture of boilies in different sizes, colours and flavours, they come all mixed together they will come in bags of 5kg amounts. They are great for baiting up with to create feeding areas or if your the type of angler that likes to fish with mixed baits this is very good value for money. Please note we will send whatever overruns we have at the time you cannot choose what we send. These are freezer baits mixtures so will need to be stored in freezer or air dried upon arrival.

These will be a mixed of all types of flavours and makeups from fishmeal's like the formidable krill, birdfoods like Manilla, milk proteins like switch, the cell and Nut baits

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